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The Box 3.7.10

Set 1:
C/A/T – Live With Myself (Single Edit)
FGFC820 – Victim
Terrorfakt – Headcase (Remix) – Request
Combichrist – All Pain is Gone
Skold vs KMFDM – Love is Like
Heimataerde – Gibt es wirklich einen Gott
Tactical Sekt – 4 Steps to Dysfunction
God Module – Skeptical
Motor – 1×1 – Request
Imperative Reaction – Torn Down

Set 2:
God Module – A Minute to Midnight
Faderhead – Houston
KMFDM – Tohuvabotu (Combichrist Remix) – Request
Corporate Soldiers – Adapt/Adjust
Icon of Coil – Simulated (Funker Vogt Remix) – Request
Katy Perry – I Kissed A Girl (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
Gothscicles – Nine Dudes Freaking Out (Repulsiveness Remix by Boole)

The Box 2.28.10
Set 1:
Dioxyde – 11am
Aslan Faction – Flesh Trader
Uberbyte – The Gift (Erektor Remix)
[x]-Rx – Digital Terror
Hypnotizer – Into Nowhere
Aiboforcen – Not Unique (Virtual Embrace Remix)
The Strand – Crazy

Set 2:
Accessory – The Hole
Hardwire – Kunt
Hocico – Bloodshed
Acylum – The Enemy (Kopf Durch Die Wand)
Biomekkanik – Fuck the Pain Away
FGFC820 – Not the World I Remember
Aesthetic Perfection – Fix
C/A/T – State of Decay
Dismantled – Attention – Request
Imperative Reaction – Panic Cycle
Miss Construction – Kunstproduct
FabrikC – Chinese Food


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