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Iszoloscope, Ad-Ver-Sary, Ivardensphere and Captive Six, LIVE

Aslan Faction – Flesh Trader
Dioxyde – Geist
V01d – Weakener (feat Ayria)
Bitch Brigade – Bubblegum Cyber
Motor – 1×1
Headscan – Lolife
Left Side Neighbor – Today 24441
Memmaker – Death Audio Blow Your Brains (by request)
Detroit Diesel – Dancing with Terror
[x]-Rx – Bass & Percussion
Alter Der Ruine – State of Ruine (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
Implant and Angelspit – Violence
Vigilante – Prison Break (feat. Leaether Strip)
The Ludivico Technique – Heal My Scars
Hezzel – Millbrook
Prometheus Burning – Mindbenders
Exocet – Retar a Muerte
Phosgore – Smite the Weak
Noisuf-X – Shut Up
Agonoize – Objectum Sexuality
Alter Der Ruine – Relax & Ride it (Assemblage 23 Remix)
Freakangel – Crawling in the Dark (C-Lekktor Remix)
Unter Null – I Can’t Be The One (DYM Remix)

Captive Six LIVE
(CD upstairs: Memmaker – How to Enlist in a Robot Uprising)

Heimataerde – Die Offenbarung
Access Zero – Going Nowhere
Rotersand – A Number & A Name
Acylum – Crazy (FGFC820 Rmx)

Ivardensphere LIVE
Ad-ver-sary LIVE
(CD upstairs: Manufactura – As They Drown in Their Lies)

Iszoloscope LIVE
(CD upstairs: Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles)


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