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Set 1:
Headscan – Lolife
Eisbrecher – Schwarze Witwe (TLP-Remix)
Dioxyde – Geist
Nolongerhuman – Our New World
Prometheus Burning – Flesh Addiction
Intra Black – Dance With The Dead
FGFC820 – Hello Baghdad
Access Zero – Going Nowhere
Nachtmahr – Alpha/Omega
Alter Der Ruine – State of Ruine (Assemblage 23 Remix)
Biomekkanik – Fuck the Pain Away
Implant (feat. Angelspit) – Violence
Noisuf-X – Shut (the Hell) Up
Reaper – She’s a Devil & A Whore

Set 2:
[x]-Rx – Bass & Percussion
Squarehead (feat. Zombie Girl) – Rockin It
Ivardensphere – Jigsaw
Combichrist – Get Out of My Head
Aesthetic Perfection – Living the Wasted Life (Machineries Remix)
God Module – Minute to Midnight

FGFC820 – Not the World I Remember

*Combichrist, Aesthetic Perfection, Ivardensphere & God Module at Slims Nov. 8!


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