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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Set 1:
Snog – The Beast
Funker Vogt – Robots
Innerpartysystem – American Trash
iVardensphere – Calibrating the God Machine
Implant – Rip That Thing
Polluted Axis – The Trephining Manual (N3at Little Holes Mix by Mangadrive)
Santa Hates You – Sugar & Spice
Left Side Neighbor – It
[Cynical_Mass] – Shatter
Massiv In Mensch – Mich Besiegst Du Nicht
Eisenfunk – Duck & Cover
Der Tante Renate – Psychobot
C/A/T – Bunnyman (request)
Edge of Dawn – Stage Fright
Memmaker – Sneaking Through The Totalitarian Filter

Set 2:
Eisenfunk – Pong (request)
Nachtmahr – Rise & Fall
Implant – Violence (feat Angelspit)
Skinny Puppy – Protest (request)
Funker Vogt – Take Care (request)
Noisuf-X – Fucking Incentive
Memmaker – Get Your Ass To Mars
Wumpscut – Loyal to my Hate
Combichrist – Can’t Change the Beat (A23 Remix)
Corporate Soldiers – Adapt/Adjust
Project Pitchfork – Beholder
Terrorfakt – A.L.F.
Alter Der Ruine – Relax & Ride It (Aesthetic Perfection Remix; by request)
FGFC820 – Hello Baghdad
Access Zero – Going Nowhere


Set 1:
Biomekkanik-Fuck the Pain Away
Memmaker-Robot Buzz (request)
Headscan-Terra Incognita (request)
Funker Vogt-Fire & Forget (request)
Wumpscut-Cut To See How Much I Bleed
Massiv in Mench-Radical/Relevant
Accessory-Holy Machine
Infekktion-Final Prayer (club cut)
Everything Goes Cold-The Iron Fist of Just Destruction

Nachtmahr-Rise & Fall
FGFC820-Not The World That I Remember
Combichrist-I Want Your Blood (request)
Alter Der Ruine-Coppin It Sweet
Aesthetic Perfection-Living the Wasted Life (Machineries Mix)
Skold vs KMFDM-Alcohol

Coming Soon!

Opening set:
Lexincrypt-Unfaithful (Feat. Filament 38)
Cervello Elettronico-Stimulant
Ad-Ver-Sary-Just (Iszoloscope Rmx)
Modeselektor-Deboutonner (feat. Siriusmo)
Front 242-Felines
Funker Vogt-Robots
Left Side Neighbor-Bounce
Torrent Vaccine-Exude

Midnight Set 2:
Memmaker-Sneaking Through the Totalitarian Filter
Implant-Rip That Thing
Miss Cinstruction-Fuck Me Too
Eisenfunk-Duck & Cover
The Strand-Crazy
Skold vs KMFDM-Alcohol
Hanzel und Gretyl-Let The Planets Burn
Skinny Puppy-Protest (request)
Captive Six-Thanks, Buying this EP Funded my TK421 (I think you need all that bass)
Nachtmahr-Mein Name

11:30 set 1:
Laibach-Tanz Mit Laibach
Polluted Axis-The Trephining Manual (N3at mix)
Funker Vogt-Arising Hero (Rotersand Rework)
FGFC820-Not the World that I Remember
Aesthetic Perfection-Living the Wasted Life (Machineries Mix)
Wumpscut-Boneshaker Baybee

1am Set 2:
Eisenfunk-Atomic Bomb (request)
Feindflug-Strukas In Visier (request)
Nachtmahr-Rise & Fall
Implant-Violence (w/Angelspit)
Acylum-Crazy (FGFC820 Rmx)
FabrikC-Chinese Food
Eisenfunk-Korobeinki (request)

Set 1:
Wumpscut-Loyal to my Hate
Funker Vogt-Bloodthirst
Alter Der Ruine-Loserstreet
Nachtmahr-Can You Feel the Beat?
Noisuf-X-Fucking Incentive

Set 2:
Aesthetic Perfection-The Ones (multiple request)
Eisenfunk-Pong (multiple request)
Funker Vogt-Genezoid (FGFC820 Remix)
Alien Vampires-The Convent Burns (Request)
Implant-Rip That Thing
Noisuf-X-Shut (The Hell) Up
HexRx-Hollow (Request)