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Stats vs Max Min

Set 1:
MM: Grendel – Pax Psychosis
MM: Frontline Assembly – Social Enemy
Stats: Nachtmahr – Rise & Fall
Stats: Feindflug – Leitbild
MM: The Retrosic – Death Dealer
Stats: This Morn Obima – The One-Eyed Man
MM: Terrorfakt – Hate Like This
Stats: Suicide Commando – Death Cures All Pain (Aesthetic Perfection Remix; by Request)
MM: Destroid – Silent World (Kinetik Edit)
Stats: Encephelon – Rise
MM: Aesthetic Perfection – The Great Depression

Set 2:
Stats: Freakangel – God’s Blind Game
MM: Unternull – I Can’t Be The One (Dym Mix)
Stats: Prometheus Burning – Mindbenders
MM: Memmaker – Death Audio Blow Your Brains
Stats: HexRx – Shreds
MM: Noisuf-X – Orgasm
MM: Prometheus Burning – Flesh Addict
Stats: Dick in a Box


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