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Opening Set (aka “I’m screwing around cause there are only 12 people here”)
iVardensphere – Here Lies Lily Brant
Surgyn – Speak No More (Phosgore Remix)
XP8 – Drop the Mask
Funker Vogt – Bloodthirst
Chainreactor – The Missing Piece
Dioxyde – Geist
Diorama – Erase Me
Noisia – Machine Gun
Xotox – Ewig
Imperative Reaction – Giving Up
Mind.In.A.Box – Falling
Aiboforcen – Not Unique
Freakangel – Crawling in the Dark
Amduscia – Corpses Symphony

Set 1:
X-Fusion – Rotten to the Core
Shiv-R – Pharmaceutical Grade
Chainreactor – Pressure and Pain ([x]-Rx Remix)
Surgyn – Aesthetics (Caustic Remix)
iVardensphere – Myopic (feat. Caustic – yes, I cheated here)
FCFC820 – Revolt Resist

Set 2:
Shiv-R – Alpha Omega
Alien Vampires – She’s On drugs (Seduced by Chainreactor)
Chainreactor – X-tinction
Implant – Violence (feat. Angelspit)
Komor Kommando – Boom Tsheekah
W.A.S.T.E. – Deadface
ProBurn – Mindbenders


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