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Set 1 (9-10:15):
iVardensphere – Cracked Earth (Featuring I:Scintilla)
Supreme Court – Aeurpa
Encephelon – Rise
Industriegebiet – Die Roboter (Kraftwerk Cover)
Distorded Memory – Hand of God (Psykke)
X-Fusion – Strange New World
Skyla Vertex – Urwerk (Funke)
The Strand – Sintoxication
Klutae – Fuck You
W.A.S.T.E. – Butcher Knife
Access Zero – Fever
HexRx – Living on Video
Alter Der Ruine – It Speaks (cd effed up!)
Everything Goes Cold – The Iron Fist Of Just Destruction
Acylum – Hunger (Accessory Remix)
Biomekkanik – Enemy

Set 2 (12:30-1:30):
Industriegebiet – Erniedrigung
Extize – Hyperactivity (Crashed & Banged by Chainreactor)
Skyla Vertex – Schall und Rauch
HexRx – Serial Hex Addict (Bossy Buns Appletini Rage Barf Mix By Alter Der Ruine)
The Strand – Pay to Rock
Supreme Court – Keep Calm + Carry On
iVardensphere – Myopic (feat. Caustic)
Organic Cage – Jack Daniel’z (Drunk by Chainreactor)
Klutae – Long Live EBM (Album Edit)
Phosgore – Vx
This Morn Obima – Iboga
Alter Der Ruine – It Speaks (success!)
Implant – Violence (feat. Angelspit)
Novproc – Avatar
W.A.S.T.E. – Assassins (The Peoples Republic Of Europe remix)
Suicide Commando – Death Cures All Pain (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)


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