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Set 1:
Torrent Vaccine – Exude
Ad·ver·sary – No Exit (Sartre Wasn’t Kidding Remix by Candle Nine)
Cryo – I Tune In
Front Line Assembly – Falling
Auto Auto – Mirror
V01D – Weakener
This Morn’ Omina – Iboga
De/vision – Brotherhood of Man
X-Marks the Pedwalk – Abattoir
Ashbury Heights – Crescendo
Sirismo – 123
Lowe – Breathe In Breathe Out
Access Zero – Fever
NovProc – Copy & Waste
(A) Brilliant Massacr(e) – Science Fiction

Set 2:
Diorama – HelloGoodbye
Panic Lift – Pushed Aside
Cryo – In Your Eyes (Leaether Strip rmx)
ADULT. – New Frustration
Dekad – Darkest Days
Biomekkanik – Heaven Awaits
The Invincible Spirit – Push! (1990 edit)
Laibach – you know exactly which song
Youth Code – What Is the Answer
ohGr – Crash
The Faint – Geeks Were Right
Dupont – New Dawn
Camouflage – The Great Commandment
haujobb – Let’s Drop Bombs



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