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Set 1:
v01d – Weakener
Industriegebiet – Die Roboter (Kraftwerk Cover)
Auto Auto – Our New Machine
Alter Der Ruine – State of Ruine (Assemblage 23 Remix)
Skyla Vertex – Urwerk (Funke)
Hydrocyanic – Meow

Set 2:
Heimataerde – Veni Veni Emanuel
Caustic – Ghost Like Swayze (iVardensphere vs Caustic)
Prometheus Burning – Kill It With Fire
Agonoize – Wahre Liebe
Skyla Vertex – The Buying Dead
Vault 113 – Nachtrhythmus
The Strand – Sintoxification
Savi0r – Seduced to Nothing (Future Remix)

Set 3:
Modulate – Boombox
HexRx – Living on Video
The Strand – Mama Said
Shiv-r – Pharmaceutical Grade
Access Zero – Fever


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