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I’m a Resident DJ at:
Disco Sinistro in Chicago, IL (2013-Present, monthly)
Hidden Forms Radio in Evanston/Chicago (2012-Present)

I’m a former Resident DJ at:
The Box in Santa Cruz (2007-2012, weekly)
House of Voodoo in San Francisco (club retired 2011)
Club Surgery in Menlo Park (on hiatus since late 2010)

Links to Places I’ve Guest DJ’d:
Neo Nightclub (Chicago)
Exit Nightclub (Chicago)
Club Anything (Milwaukee)
Club Sanctuary (Vancouver, Canada)
The System (Club Mist, San Francisco)
Kinetik Festival (Montreal, Canada)
Die Maschinen (San Francisco)
MEAT (DNA Lounge, San Francisco)
MEAT vs Death Guild (DNA Lounge, San Francisco)
NOX (Mountain View)
Apparition (San Jose)
Wumpskate (San Jose)
Club Clockwork (Santa Cruz & San Francisco locations)


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